Welcome to Kasaar Jungle Resort, Almora - A Haven for Nature Lovers

Hotel Address Binsar Road, near Kasaar Devi Temple, Almora, Uttarakhand- 263601
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Where the Mind Attains Nirvana

Located near the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kasaar Jungle Resort is the perfect getaway for people looking for a break from the hectic city life. The resort is surrounded by majestic virgin jungle consisting of Deodar, Oak, Pine, and Rhododendron trees. 

It was the hippie movement that put Kasaar Devi on the international tourist map in the first place. The underlying beauty and the rustic charm it posses today makes it one of the most dreamy destination in India along the Himalayas. The grand heritage of this place began when Swami Vivekananda first mentioned about its splendor and beauty in his books. Swami often came here to meditate and the place was instantly a hotspot for hippies and travelers around the world to mesmerize and indulge in pure natural splendor.

The place was visited by great millennials including the acclaimed writer DH Lawrence, the face of Rastafarianism Bob Marley, Uma Thruman spent her childhood here, and Kasaar Devi was the favorite meditation spot for Timothy Leary, who advocated the use of psychedelic drugs. The place inevitably got the name "Hippe Hill". There as an aura belonging to this place which cannot be found anywhere else. The Nanda Devi Temple is the crux around which the civilization along the valley is built upon. This small temple and the tranquility that surrounds it makes you feel like you have been immersed in a fairytale. 

Valley Kasaar Jungle Resort Almora
The welcoming locals and the high-class amenities provided by our Kasaar Jungle Resort, Almora, makes the place even more desirable. The Binsar wildlife sanctuary is one of the major reasons that stopped unplanned commercialization which usually takes away the harm from tourist spots in India, Almora is still spry and alluring untouched by pollution and population which makes it hard to ignore if you are a traveler looking to find peace within themselves.

The rooms at the Kasaar Jungle Resort are some of the best rooms near Binsar Wildlife Resort in Almora reflectiing the undying pure enrgy the place posses. All the rooms have an attached verandah for you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the mighty Himalayan range.
Meditation Kasaar Jungle Resort Almora

The resort has a multi-cuisine restaurant which serves delicious food and specializes in Kumaoni dishes. The Conference Hall at the resort is ideal for hosting private as well as corporate events. Its safe to say that no moment you spent in Almora will be meaningless and the entire journey will take towards a path that will lead you to a state of tranquilty and calmness you have been looking for.